SterloMax is the go-to brand for all your hygiene and disinfectant needs.

The range of products includes WHO-recommended handrub solutions liquid, alcohol-based gels, surface disinfectants including food contact surfaces.

To combat the pandemic, a range of accessories are offered by SterloMax, including a high-grade 6 layer reusable mask, professional contactless automatic Sanitizer dispenser, and a disinfectant mat.


Our Story

Bioplus Healthcare is a Bangalore based company, which is a part of a 70 year old Pharmaceutical group of Companies - Bioplus Life Sciences.

Bioplus is an EU GMP, WHO manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Bangalore, India with operations in over 50+ countries. Our products & solutions aimed to address biggest challenges in healthcare, with innovative products in the Supplements, Nutraceuticals and Hygiene solutions space.

Bioplus Healthcare, with the launch of its Brand SterloMax in 2020, proudly ventured into the Hygiene & Disinfection space with the broad view to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unable to obtain hand sanitizers ourselves, we converted an existing plant to produce 3 million litres a month of the new WHO recommended formula hand sanitizer containing either 75% Isopropyl alcohol or 80% Ethanol. All production is as per global GMP standards. We would be pleased to be a supply partner of Hand Sanitizers.

Our only competitive advantage remains to "Think Ahead" whilst not forgetting our humble past.


Our Mission

To be a global pharma innovator with a competitive advantage in ophthalmology, hygienic, nutrition and gynaecology therapeutic areas.

70 Years of
Distributor, Menely & James, Predecessor to Smith Kline
Contract Manufacturer for Boost, Pfizer, SmithKline, Cyanamid, Schering, many more
Started joint venture with Sandoz (Switzerland), now Novartis SA. Began collaboration with Bracco SPA (Italy) ongoing
Collaboration, Tishcon Inc, USA.
Private label supplier to various leading brand in pharm and super markets in Europe
Research labs established with leading Indian Universities
Private Equity Investment from AIF Capital
Expanded partnership with various pharmaceutical companies for distribution of or product in Europe, CIS, Middle East, North Africa & South East Asia
EU Novel Foods Approval for Algal BioDHA
Formation of Theialife Sciences with Dr. Klaus Trier for clinical & Market development of
7-Methylxanthine for Myopia Control
Novel Process for production of
Algal BioDHA capacity doubled

December - New solid Oral EU GMP approved Dosage form plant
AIF Capital Investment Buy Back
Launched Sterlomax New Sanitizer Plant A, New Sanitizer Plant B, New 7Mx Plant, New Ketone Esters Plant


Our ISO 22000, 14001, HACCP, cGMP business has over 70+ years of experience in the Nutrition, Health & Pharmaceutical arena.

We offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution for nutrition & pharmaceutical marketing companies with our contract manufacturing services.

We provide product formulation development, packaging design, product supply & continuing regulatory support to leading companies in over 50 countries. In 2004-2016 we filed over 60 Global patent family applications.

BioDHA: Algal DHA

BioDHA is an algal DHA produced from microalgae Schizochytrium, a species from marine algae, shown to oil rich in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the most abundant PUFA component of the oil (approx. 35% (w/w)

Bioplus introduced BioDHA microencapsulated powder (a dry mix option for formulations) for food & beverage manufacturers. This product is heat stable, has better sensory characteristics thus provides a vegetarian, sustainable source of DHA.


Ketoji is the most ‘potent’ exogenous or oral source of therapeutic ketone supplement as Ketone ester (D-ß-hydroxybutyrate ester). It is designed for anyone considering managing their weight, increasing their cognition skills, or simply wanting to feel more energetic with a low carbohydrate diet

Vitamin E TPGS

Natural source, water soluble form of Vitamin E TPGS is widely used excipient in drug formulation and is rapidly expanding into the beverage and functional food markets. Structure-property relationship suggests that it uniquely meets the need for enhancing drug solubility, permeability, safety and enhancing the bioavailability.

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