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Infection prevention and control measures, such as appropriate hand hygiene, environmental cleanliness, basic precautions and education of staff, patients and visitors, are simple and inexpensive measures to help reduce the risk infection particularly during this present pandemic situation

Choose an area of application to explore our whole range of uniquely developed Hygiene solutions that will help to choose the right solution while saving your time, resources and money.

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Maintaining a high degree of Personal Hygiene and following best practises is the single, most effective way to prevent the spread of infections.

Our range of Personal Hygiene products keeps you protected.

Our topical range of products, consisting of Professional Sanitizer Solutions and Alcohol-based gels are tough on germs & soft on your hands with a moisturizing benefit.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces at home and at residential communities can help reduce the likeliness of infection and lessen the community spread of germs.

Our range of Sanitizing & Disinfecting products are alcohol-based; whereas alcohol- based sanitizers have shown to be to be effective against major germs.

Commercial & Industrial establishments are required to have reliable processes and products to ensure protection and safety of the employees.

Cleaning and sanitation is critical in maintaining a healthy, safe and productive work environment. The use of trusted, effective products and materials instils a sense of confidence amongst employees.

SterloMax provides a specialized range of Hygiene products that are purpose-built for Commercial & Industrial use.

The cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in hospitals is becoming increasingly important in the multi-barrier approach for preventing infection, in addition to hand hygiene and proper reprocessing of medical devices.

Our range of Hygiene products are especially designed for Medical and hospitals that require rapid-action responses, due to the high concentration and variety of microbes and germs.

Food and beverage establishments such as kitchens, cafes, restaurants, hotels and food processors, must have reliable processes in place to keep food safe for human consumption.

Cleaning and sanitation is very critical in food safety as surface contamination can lead to the spread of illnesses and damage in reputation.

Our range of Hygiene products for Food Service industries is non-toxic with broad spectrum efficacy.

Choose our complete range of Infection Control essentials and equipment for complete, all round protection.

Products such as face masks and automatic dispensers complement the SterloMax core range of products.



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Home Sanitization

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Home Sanitization

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